WELCOME to the Shambhala Meditation Group of
Cuenca Ecuador.
We are thrilled to be open to the public at
Calle Larga 11.43 at Miguel Ullauri, across from
Mercado 10 de Agosto
First floor, up one flight.


Join us for Sunday Meditation at 10.00 and for

Shambhala Day, Tuesday, February 21 at 1.00 pm for the
Shambhala Day Celebration Broadcast


The Year of the Water Rabbit.

The theme for the broadcast program this year is Reflecting on the Practice of Community and will include joining together in group practice, sharing Shambhala culture, and greetings from throughout our worldwide community. Barbara Martens will lead community practice and there will be musical and other artistic offerings. It will be a time of celebrating community and our shared love of practice and the Shambhala teachings and culture.


every Sunday at 10.30 EC time
For meditation instructions, please come at 10.00, and see below. We also share meditation on Zoom.
For the link to join, and for general information,
contact us on
[email protected]
WhatsApp 0982848203


BOOK STUDY is back in person and on ZOOM!
Join us every Tuesday at 3.30 pm Cuenca time (EST). Paper copies of the current book are available in Cuenca; they are also available electronically and from most booksellers. Contact [email protected] for details


Meditation Instructions – scroll down


Celebrating Isabelle and Keith! 
Thanks a million for many months of hosting in your beautiful apartment during pandemic times.

Le Petit Jardin, Dec. 4, 2022

Start with an attitude of friendliness and loving kindness toward yourself. Then, if you’re able, take an upright posture, on a cushion on the floor or in a chair, with the spinal column vertical. Notice your body sensations and be aware of any feelings that arise (such as anxiety, tiredness, anger, passion, boredom, indifference, etc.). Begin to completely identify with your natural breathing, in and out, maintaining some awareness of your body/posture. When thoughts or emotions arise, taking you away from the present moment, you simply notice them, without any judgement. Simply label the thought/emotion as “thinking” and return to awareness of your body breathing. Sitting meditation is a practice of simply being, touching into your awareness of that being, and letting go without trying to attain anything.

For walking meditation, take the same approach, except place attention on your feet as they touch the earth, and your legs moving through space. Join the hands at waist level and walk at a speed only slightly slower than normal (see photo).

Traditionally it’s believed that merit is accrued by meditating. In Shambhala, we dedicate this merit to the benefit of all beings, using the closing text below. Feel free to use it, or any other of your choosing:

“May basic goodness dawn;
May the confidence of goodness be eternal;
May that goodness be all-victorious;
May that goodness bring profound, brilliant glory.”

“By this merit may all attain omniscience.
May it defeat the enemy, wrong-doing.
From the stormy waves of birth, old age, sickness, and death,
From the ocean of samsara, may I free all beings.”

Links for instructions:

Meditation instructions are available free online with Senior Teacher Donna Williams at

Pema Chodron Guided Meditation —

Shambhala International follows the tradition of Pema Chödrön and our founder Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. See About Shambhala above for more information.

When in-person meetings resume, cushions and chairs will be provided and an umdze (leader) will guide the program. For meditation instructions before your first visit, you’re invited to watch Shastri Donna Williams’s at < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBTOqyUtX-0 >
or Ani Pema Chödron’s instructions at
< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmthYcJ2FCA >

Photos from past Cuenca Shambhala activities

Sitting Together

Walking Together = Enlightened Society


Enlightened Society + Basic Goodness = A Really Good Time Together

Sunday morning practice is terribly serious



Post-meditation almuerzo – lots of basic goodness

January 2020
Workshops in Shambhala Buddhist Practice, Levels 1 and 2 with
Senior Teacher Tom Adducci of  Shambhala International

February and March, 2019
A free public talk by Shastri Donna Williams from SHAMBHALA INTERNATIONAL
Natural Wakefulness
Using mindfulness and the environment
to help us appreciate each moment of our lives.
Workshops in Shambhala Buddhist Practice

Taught by Shastri Donna Williams from Shambhala International.
Three separate levels on three weekends: Feb. 8, Feb. 16, March 2.